It was a strategic initiative, keeping in mind the huge potential of after market spares. This was done by synergising sourcing, inbound logistics and retail marketing operations of both the sectors i.e. Automotive & Farm Equipment Sector. The underlying objective was to consolidate and harmonise the operations to drive the benefits of 'Critical Mass'. Looking towards the need of warehousing & catering Genuine Spares to vehicle & tractor park available in the open market during use & repair work, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. developed a special vertical which is currently known as Spares Business Unit. Spares Business Unit (SBU) is a part of Automotive & Farm Sector and caters to Genuine Spares parts requirement of Mahindra vehicles as well as Tractors in use by customers to provide them with the best and genuine spares through capabilities in sourcing, assembling, warehousing and distribution. SBU supplies to the market through it’s own channel network, whom we consider our valued customers. To cater this market a separate department named as ‘Bazaar Sales’ is developed which is taking care of all the distribution related activities. Currently this network is of apprx. 150+ distributors across India catering more than 25,000 retailers in the market.

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